Special Me Group

Special Me Group

The SMG meets on the 2nd and 4th Saturdays of Every month from 1.30-3.30pm at Newton Flotman Primary School.  The group welcomes all who would normally find it dificult to access a church group because of learning or behavioural difficulty, a hearing or visual impairment or a physical disability.  Family, friends and carers are also welcome to join in with the sessions or we provide an area to sit and relax while the session takes place.

The sessions provide a fun way to learn about Jesus and God.  At each session there is bible study and various activities.  These include drama, craft, singing, puppets and worship.  Occasionally we have a social time or outing together.  Some activities are in small groups; some are for everyone together.  You decide what activities you would like to join in with.  The SMG works in partnership with Prospects to make sure that the sessions are fun and accessible for all.  Prospects are a national Christian Charity for adults with learning difficulties.  We use signing, large visual displays and easy read bibles to make the sessions as accessible as possible for all.  Ofcourse at the end of each session there is the opportunity to chat and join together for refreshments

Session dates 2016:  Being like Jesus

9th January 2016
23rd January

13th February
27th February

12th March
26th March – No meeting – Happy Easter

9th April
23rd April

14th May
28th May – No meeting

11th June – Social event – invite a friend
25th June

9th July
23rd July

13th August
27th August – No meeting

10th September – Action Day
24th September

8th October
22nd October

12th November
26th November

10th December – Christmas Party – invite a friend
24th December – No meeting – see you all on 14th January 2017

To find out more speak to Wayne or Teresa Doman  01508 471933 or email thesmg@hotmail.co.uk


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