Praying 24 hours a day for 7 days

Praying 24 hours a day for 7 days

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An International Movement

Prayer 24-7 is an international movement which encourages churches and groups of Christian to engage in serious prayer and intercession. It has a special focus on turning the tide of our culture towards Christ and upon encouraging prayer round the clock for a week or more (hence 24-7). In the Tas Valley group of churches we have had a Prayer 24-7 week every year for the last three years and those who have participated have seen remarkable answers to prayer and experienced God's presence in a very deep way. These week of prayer are key to helping us give prayer priority all the year round.

Our Prayer Tent

The Prayer 24-7 movement encourages churches to choose a single room as the place people go to pray. We have found this very helpful - and in our case, have used a Large Marquee:

  • The Holy Spirit can fill a place as well as a person. There can be a real sense of God's presence in the room after hours of prayer there.
  • There is something good about people having to go somewhere to pray- even at night.
  • There is built in accountability that means people have to turn up on time to 'pass on the baton'. It is too easy to oversleep etc. and not to tell anyone if it is all split up in people's homes.
  • There is a focus for the creative and it is somewhere you can read other people's prayers and testimonies.
  • A tent is a reminder of God's presence with his people in the wilderness and enables us to pray close to nature.

Some Comments from Past Years

"An oasis of calm in a world of distractions.  Let everything that has breath, praise the Lord."

"Sat with God.  Like bathing in a clear, refreshing stream."

"A place to pray with someone who shares my concerns.  So good to pray with a friend."

"I have learned so much - I don't know what to say except, keep praying until something happens."

"I arrived at the tent at a very difficult time.  I was feeling anxious, sad, and worried about members of my family.  The Lord is here.  He calmed my soul and dried my tears."


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