Blessing Project

Blessing Project

The sense that we were being called to learn to bless our local area began with a number of people, during the time of Prayer 24-7 people back in May 2011.  We were particularly inspired by a book called “The Grace Outpouring” by Roy Godwin & Dave Roberts about a retreat house which committed themselves to pray for blessing on their local area and saw great blessings in their little Welsh valley.








Spend Some time Praising God for who He is

and what He has done

Then pray about areas of your life where you need to repent:  Turn from anything you know to be wrong and ask his forgiveness and for Him to fill you afresh with His Holy Spirit.

Take time to quietly receive from God His forgiveness, His love and His Spirit.

Main Course

Pray for blessing on the Tas Valley Area and Norfolk using the framework overleaf and the month’s pointers


Pray for blessing on our nation and the wider world including the Caleb Prayer

Coffee (optional)

If you have agreed and arranged to do so get in touch with the next Prayer Partner and pray for a blessing on them as they begin their hour eg.  the Aaronic Blessing.


The Caleb Prayer


O High King of Heaven                                   Hebrews 7.1; Ps 47

Have mercy on our land                                2 Chronicles 4.14

Revive your Church                                        Habakkuk 3.2

Send the Holy Spirit                                       Acts 2.33

For the Sake of the Children                       Isaiah 49.25

May Your Kingdom come to our Nation.  Matthew 6.10

In Jesus’ mighty Name                                  John 14.13-14

Amen.                                                                 So be it!


Aaronic Blessing

(Numbers 6:24–26, NIV)

The Lord bless you
           and keep you;                          
the Lord make His face
           shine upon you
           and be gracious to you;
the Lord turn His face toward you
           and give you peace


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